Happy News: Precious Marine Environment

Published by Laura Gozzi

220,000 km² Ocean Protected.

Turtle in the ocean

Take the perimeter of the city of London, add its surroundings and multiply everything by eight. The impressive result of 12,000 km2 is the area of the ocean that the UK government has just pledged to protect. The new Marine Protected Areas span a total of 220,000 km2 – about twice the size of England – and are safe havens for underwater habitats and species, both along the coast of the country and in the deep sea.

Better protection of up to 30% of the world’s oceans

The move has been hailed by the chair of Natural England as “a major step forward for the conservation of our precious marine environment”. Having long called for a better protection of up to 30% of the world’s oceans, it’s refreshing to see that the UK government practices what it preaches, starting at home.