Happy News: Chernobyl Disaster Wildlife

Published by Laura Gozzi

Power Plant Explosion - Now Haven For Animals.

Over the last few weeks, the Chernobyl disaster has been in the headlines more often than it had for the past three decades. Although this is an effect of a successful HBO TV series, there is another reason why you might want to read about the power plant explosion and its consequences: despite high levels of radiation, the evacuation of the disaster zone has power plant explosion.

The effect of radiation on animal populations
isn’t visible.

An eco-tour company from Belarus organises trips to the area, where wolves, bison, bears, hundreds of bird species and the rare European lynx now roam the ghost towns and abandoned wilderness. The evidence so far shows that the effect of radiation on animal populations isn’t visible: what is a Zone of Alienation for humans has, ironically, become a haven for animals.

Chernobyl disaster wildlife